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About Me

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Oh, you’re here. You really decided to ignore all those photos and wanna know about me? Alrighty then.

Let’s start at the beginning, my name is Rebecca Britt. I was born and raised in McAllen, TX and I take photographs for a living.

How I started.

Funny you should ask, I got my start in high school (Mission High School alumni). I worked my way to head photographer for the yearbook staff. That was the first time I got my hands on a real camera, and I fell in love, dark room weirdness and all. Professionally, I got my start in 2011 with my first digital camera, and within a year I was writing for Fstoppers (one of the largest photography blogs on the internet!). I also worked at the del Rio Ad Agency where I mastered the ins and outs of commercial photography.

Commercial photography is my OG jam, but my love for concert photography, specifically EDM (electronic dance music... think DJs) led me to create the first online global collective specifically for EDM photographers. After a few years of running with local and state music promoters, I was picked up by Insomniac Events. You may have heard of their festival called ‘Electric Daisy Carnival’ located in Las Vegas.

Let's Break Out the Quarantinis.

Starting in 2020 for reasons best understood by all (*cough* pandemic *cough*), I chose to focus my art away from events, and strictly into portraiture. While my portfolio has a large range of portraits, my favorites will always be individual photoshoots which really pushes my creativity to connect with my clients. I like to fancy myself as the bokeh queen of the RGV. What's bokeh, you ask?



  1. the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

    Aka: Where the background of an image is blurry and the subject (person) is in focus. The blurrier and more buttery 🧈 the background is, the better.

Personal Life.

Oh, OH, WAIT! So, you didn’t want the résumé. You wanted to know me on a personal level. You know that people pick up cameras to avoid these kinds of conversations, right?

What can I say? I’m a techie and self-professed gamer girl.

(Love me some Zelda and Animal Crossing).

I have two teenage daughters, so I accept all the prayers you want to send my way. I am a firm bible believing Christian. Don’t be deceived by the purple hair and tattoos!

I have a loving fiancé who deserves all the praise for assembling this website.

I’m known by my friends for being the resident DJ of the group (I have an eclectic and expansive taste in music), speaking fluently in .gif, being a slow, cautious driver, a night time coffee and Redbull drinker, and lover of all things Harry Potter. House Slytherin for life!

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